It’s certain that wall covering forms part of the structure of your house, as well as being able to change your mood. This image of the most intimate space in the home, the bathroom, is surely proof of this.

We have covered absolutely everything in wallpaper to show you that WALLPAPER IS ARCHITECTURE. We also wanted to generate the impact we were looking for with our Hygge design: falling into the ultimate state of pleasure. We’re imagining a setting, filled with steam, where the large format waves from our design envelope you and take you to a state of relaxation.

As you know, the Danish term Hygge means cosiness… it can be used to express those moments at home when we are truly comfortable.

In the Wander collection we have meandered through four continents, capturing the essence of unique places, and one of them was the minimalist Scandinavian look.



Coordonné Team

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