Workshop with future interior designers

Workshop with future interior designers

A day with students of La Salle's Interior Design Master Degree

In Coordonné, we work with artists, designers and illustrators to create our collections. However, we could not develop the process of creation and take our wallpapers home without the professionals who visited us last may.

This day, we invited 17 students of La Salle's Interior Design Master Degree to our offices. We encouraged them knowing closer our brand and playing and having fun with our products in order to develop their projects.

Each student group had to create a design for a specific home. Our concept of home included not just the physical place, but also every characteristics of the people who live there: the family situation, each member’s history, their jobs, hobbies, etc. The decoration proposals had to take all of that into account. Behind each project a story was hidden, and that made us feel identified with it and want to be part of it.

Coordonné through its history... and through senses!

Throughout the day, we introduced us and shared the story of Coordoné for the people that did not know us. We talked about our products, brands and the processes of production, distribution and advertising. We explained the origin of our collections and the things behind each one of them.

As we were socializing and knowing each other, dinner time arrived! Rodríguez & Co prepared us an exquisite meal. It captivated our tastes, but showed us that cooking design also exists. They stimulated our sense of taste and also our sense of sight!

When we finished eating, it was time to discover a third sense: the sense of touch. The future interior designers had the chance to feel the textures of all of our wallpapers and fabrics. Scissors in hand, everything was prepared to combine, mix and create.

It was time to think about the projects and find the elements that fitted best with their designs. They explained us their ideas and we helped them to find the paper or fabric that made the perfect match with their story. We were all excited about finding the ideal combination between their projects and our products... and we got it!

We had a great time: we loved hearing all of their stories and learning about their projects. We hope to see you all soon! You will always be welcome to Coordonné, future interior designers!

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