Live a never-ending summer with our wallpapers

Live a never-ending summer with our wallpapers

Wallpapers and murals to remember the best things of summer

It is summer and in Coordonné we want to celebrate it dedicating a post to this season, that comes with wonderful things! Because, who does not like beach days, the dips in the sea, the meals with family and friends that ends in funny dancings or the bright colours of these months? We love summer and we reflect it in our collections. It does not mind that it is winter out there, with these wallpapers you will enjoy a never-ending summer!

In honour of sweet and refreshing endings, Random Papers presents this mural: who said watermelon is the summer fruit? We want it to be with you at every meal of the year and this Fruit Watermelon mural wallpaper will make you never forget the taste of summer.

Another summer pleasure are beach days: dips in the sea, float on crystal water, dive and contemplate corals dancing to the rhythm of the waves and fish sneaking between their tentacles… We want to bring to your home a little piece of sea: the Crustáceos wallpaper by Anima, the Underwater mural by Random Papers or the Fish Skin wallpaper from Essentia Collection will make you remember these little pleasures, not only in summer, but also in spring, autumn and even in winter.

Wallpapers for travel lovers, dancers and to enjoy the colours of summer

In a post about the best things of summer we could not miss holidays! They allow us to travel, discover new places, other cultures and meeting people with different traditions from ours. In addition, you do not have to get up early: you can enjoy nights! Go out to dinner, live the night to the fullest and dance with friends the summer's hit. Either you are a incurable traveler or the king of the dance floor, we have the perfect wallpaper for you.

The Newspaper Map mural, from the Random Papers collection, will make travellers remember all places they have visited and, also, the ones they have left to discover.

To encourage dancers to keep on doing what they like the most, we offer them the best company: the Caypso Dancers, which move to the rythm of their illustrator, Miranda Makarof. Let yourself be carried along by music and enjoy each movement.

Finally, let us make an ode to summer colours. Bright and powerful colours lead this season. We see them reflected in nature: open flowers show us their charm, flooding with their colour parks and gardens, giving life to each space.

As a tribute to their beauty, we suggest these colours never leave our homes: let us fill the rooms with flowers and plants. Let us make that colour never goes away with Daisy by Tiles and  Paraísos Artificiales by Anima wallpapers or Find Parrots mural by Lara Costafreda.


Happy summer to everyone!

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