Little Mill House & Coordonne Collab for Ideal Home Show

Little Mill House & Coordonne Collab for Ideal Home Show

Little Mill House & Coordonne Collab for Ideal Home Show

When I was asked to design a roomset for the Ideal Home Show in Manchester back in June, the only brief I was given was to chose a room and pick a season of the year to base the design on. Straight away I wanted to create something based around this years greenery trend and botanicals naturally fit into that. The idea to create a tropical dining room came to me relatively quickly, it gave me freedom to be bold and daring with the design and the ability to add some rustic wood elements which are a bit of a staple to Little Mill House’s design style. Here is the original moodboard for the design.

The main feature of the design was the tropical leaf wallpaper, I collected quite a few samples (as there are so many palm leaf wallpapers currently available) but Banano stood out instantly and the only decision left to make was whether to go for the black or green base colour…the drama of the black was really pulling me however I ended up going with the green and colour matching the darkest shade in the paper for the remaining walls to be painted in, the results were fun, striking and dramatic, perfect for a tropical dining room design.

As the room was a summer design I wanted the flooring to lift the dark walls out of feeling too cosy, this cork flooring did the job perfectly in its creamy white finish. It created a perfect base for the dark walls and reclaimed wood dining table to stand out from, whilst picking out the white in the wallpaper to further brighten the space. I made the bold decision to create a statement light fitting using the wallpaper offcuts to hang over the dining table. The unexpected matching creates another layer to the tropical print and I absolutely love the result. The light was created (really easily) with the Dyberg Larsen Illumin light available here.

Once the tropical and rustic vibes were ticked off it was time to add some glam elements, every summer dining space should include a well stocked bar with some fun ‘club tropicana’ style glassware and accessories, this oil drum bar cabinet looks great against the walls, a little extra interest was added by creating a gallery wall above the bar (including an all important cocktail menu). The dining table was styled with palm leaf crockery, gold bamboo cutlery and plenty of Pineapples (both edible and decorative)…I made sure the tropical theme was apparent from every angle!

To complete the design I added lots of plants to the space to up the greenery/botanical feel of the space and add an extra layer to the leaf print wallpaper and leafy green walls. The plants were casually placed in straw baskets (painted gold for added glam) and on vintage style bamboo plant stands. The resin and neon cacti are playful additions to the collection of plants, adding even more interest to the space by making the feature wall with the Banano wallpaper stand out further!

Overall I was very happy with how the room came together to create the exact vibe I’d envisaged in the moodboard, the design looked great and included lots of great eco credentials, which is as important as the look of the space in any design by Little Mill House. A huge thank you to Coordonne for supplying the wallpaper for the design.


Written by Natalie Lockwood – Little Mill House



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