In Casa Decor 2017

In Casa Decor 2017

The biggest event of Spanish interior design

Casa Decor is the main event of interior design in Spain. Each edition is held in a different place of Madrid. During 40 days, it opens the doors of a historic building and invites the attendees to discover unique spaces that have been decorated by the best interior designers.

In 2017, Casa Decor has celebrated its 25th anniversary in style. The exhibition has been held in the most exclusive district of Madrid: the Jeronimos quarter.

Specifically, it has been located in a stately-home building from 1900 in Antonio Maura, 8. It is considered the most expensive square metre in the city thanks to its typical architecture and its perfect state of preservation.

Casa Decor celebration has allowed to renovate the building completely. The results are modern luxury homes without losing its nobiliary essence. And, in one of these rooms, is where Coordonné has participated in Casa Decor 2017!

Coordonné took a luminous Oasis to Casa Decor with Banana

Being a part of Casa Decor and of this building, contributing to create a magical space, has been a pleasure for Coordonné. Our Banano wallpaper, from the Anima collection, has been the one chosen to dress the walls of the entrance hall to the restroom.

This room was designed by interior designer Leticia Peironcely and architect Carlos Albañez. Together, they achieved to create an Oasis using means such as our wallpaper. The goal was to spread the joy of a surrounding tropical garden.

It was a real challenge: the space didn't have natural light nor the beautiful architectural elements presents in other rooms. They had to transform a dark and narrow space into a comfortable one which invited to stay, and to do so all they had were decorative resources.

At this point, they thought in our wallpaper designed by Andrea Zarraluqui: Banano became a key part to recreate that Oasis. They chose green as main color to provide its optimism, good luck, youth, spring and feeling of beginning.

Leticia Peironcely explains that wallpaper is present in most of her works because it's the perfect finishing for houses and gives them a warm touch. In addition, she tells that the wide variety of designs allows to always found the perfect one for each customer, room or idea. And, as we always say in Coordonné: #wallpaperisthenewblack.

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