10 different uses for wallpaper

10 different uses for wallpaper

Wallpaper: more than just wall covering

Thinking about wallpaper, the first thing that comes to our mind is the wall covering from many living rooms and bedrooms. However, it can have many other uses, less common and more creative.

With just a little imagination, you can give a new look to furniture or surfaces within minutes and for little money. Wallpaper has the advantage of being easy to use: you do not need a hammer or making holes on the wall and, in addition, it barely leaves  dirt.

Because of all these benefits, we will show you 10 different uses for wallpaper. They are 10 ways to make your home a unique place and with its own identity. But also, 10 ways to use that excess wallpaper after decorating the walls and to reflect your own art, style and develop your creativity.

10 original ways to use wallpaper

1) On the outside of furniture: cover furniture with paper is a trend, because it allows to restore them or to give them a breath of fresh air with surprising results in a practical, easy and inexpensive way. You can completely renovate any furniture, without regard its style; you just need a solid base where to apply the paper.

Using wallpaper we can give a second life to old or damaged furniture, but also make that a furniture that didn't fit in the room combines harmoniously with the rest of the space. You can also create a contrast and turn a simple object into an unique and central one. You can even transform formal and classic furniture into childish furniture, what is perfect for kids' rooms.

2) On the inside of furniture: what's on the inside matters the most, so we should take care of the inside of our furniture too! For example, you can cover the inside of a wardrobe or a drawer, getting customized, lively and original pieces. This is a great option to create funny furniture for children.

Another option is to cover the base of shelves made of wood boxes, which are so trendy now. At the same time, we will be both decorating and arranging our walls.  We will give them an original touch, with very different effects and styles. In addition, this works in bookcases and slatted shelves too. Covering its bottom you can get results like these:

3) Framing the paper: wallpaper leftovers can be a piece of art! You just need a frame, a bit of wallpaper and imagination. Cut, combine, frame and... voilà!

4) On lampshades: did you know that you can create lampshades with wallpaper? Update them is very easy: you just need scissors, glue and the base of an old lamp. You will transform old lampshades in an unique piece.

5) On the stairs: because stairs are not only functional, but an important decorative element too. Wallpaper creates a great focal point and that's why using it on its risers or on its front face you get a remarkable and key element of the house. Imagine, create, try out... You can change it whenever you want!

6) On a table: you can turn any table into a new one, and even avoid damages in a new table. To achieve this, you need wallpaper leftovers and a glass plane cut to size. You place the paper on the surface and you just have to put the plane, because it will support the paper without glue. Just that easy!

7) On a headboard: create your own design for the headboard and integrate it in the bedroom decoration. You just have to choose the wallpaper you want to go to bed with each day, glue it to the wall and framing it with a molding delimiting the edge of the paper. It's so simple!

8) On doors and drawers: if your house has doors with moldings, you can use its geometric spaces to cover the inside space. You will create a cozy atmosphere, breaking the monotony of satin color doors. You can do the same with drawers. With just a touch of wallpaper on its front part you will get original and enjoyable effect.

9) On the ceiling: it's a forgotten space in lots of houses, but if we want to stand out, we must pay attention to ceilings, let's pamper them and let's surprise! Using wallpaper on the ceiling, we will give it an important role and the decoration will be much more interesting.

10) On the bar top: if you have a bar top, a fun option is covering it with wallpaper. The result will be different depending on the chosen paper, but you will get a lively and original touch for sure.

These are just some ideas of the many uses that wallpaper has. It's a product with a huge number of possibilities that gives us lots of original decorating ideas. Now, results are on your hands: dare to play with wallpaper, invent new uses and unleash your imagination!

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