Coordonné is a family run company from Barcelona with over 40 years experience in the creation of high quality wall covering and fabric collections. The company is lead by a team of young, creative minds who are revolutionising the wall covering sector; using innovative techniques to bring a new approach to interior design.  The company creates collections to bring emotion and life to a space; collections which compliment the intangible qualities and comfort of every home.

The company was created with the idea of using just one brand to cover all your interior design needs for the entire space, coordinating both wall coverings and fabrics. It was from this mission that the name COORDONNÉ was born.

Nowadays, the collections edited by Coordonné can be found in over 3,000 retailers across Spain, 2,000 retailers across the rest of Europe and in over 50 countries worldwide.


This is the moment. We want to fill every space with flowers, plants, geometrics and colour. Wild animals which transmit their energy, their instinct and their tenderness. The moment has arrived where everything changes. Interior design is the new fashion – and as we now proclaim: Wallpaper is the new black.

In our new collections we trust our designers. It’s there that the strength of the collection lies. The power of their artistic minds, their hands, their vision in creating new worlds with their unique strengths and personalities. Feel it. Experience it. Develop your own creativity to design dream spaces in which to live, discover and share. Design spaces in which to be yourself. The transformative powers that wallpaper brings means that in less than one hour, a house, a bar or a hotel can be made into something unexpected and spectacular.

Let’s change walls. Let’s change everything!


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