The world of fashion and interior design grow from the same seed of inspiration.

They are two united universes that live together in harmony.

Our creative team has a constant eye on what happens in the world of fashion, because at the end of the day, we decorate our most personal spaces, at home and at work, in the same way as we dress.

This influence is understandable, yet we also know that fashion is always one step ahead of interior design. At Coordonné however, we like to make sure that it is not too many steps ahead, as we really like to surprise people and create new trends.

As you know, a few months ago we launched a triple collection of wall coverings and fabrics inspired by one of our most precious jewels, the Balearic Islands.

The collections are called: Mallorca (wall coverings), Formentera (colourful upholstery fabrics) and Ibiza (100% organic linen fabrics).

The Ibiza line happened to catch the eye of fashion designer Sonia Ferrer, who, by no coincidence, lives and develops her creative work on the island of Ibiza.

We consider Sonia’s brand, Delbes, to be one of the absolute best in terms of sensitivity and femininity. In her new collection, My Muse, she took our organic collection Ibiza, and used the fabrics to demonstrate her astounding sense of craftsmanship.

The result is spectacular! These are pieces of clothing taken straight from a theatrical set, like a scene from the film Out of Africa.

The tradition and culture of the loom inspires both brands, demonstrating a respect for the trade that comes from our ancestors. For Delbes and for Coordonné, our roots mean everything to us, and craftsmanship and sustainability are a clear priority for the century we are living in.

Take delight in the magical pieces that Sonia creates with our organic linens: Mistral with its artisan stitching, Poniente with its Mediterranean coloured pin-stripes, and the sensual transparency of cotton cord in Gregal.


The Coordonné Team

We recently launched a collection of wall coverings that pays homage to the great architects of contemporary history. The collection is called Random Archist.

This is why we have decided to complete our tour, using our imagination to cover the most iconic and striking buildings of Europe, in Barcelona. Specifically, at the house of Xavier Corberó in Esplugues de Llobregat.

Xavier Corberó built his wonderful labyrinth house in Esplugues in 1968. It is a construction with large empty rooms which display his sculptural works over six descending floors. It covers an area of 15,000 m2, divided into 25 spaces, all with an abundance of light.

Our Random Archist wallpaper, Rostros, was actually inspired by the artist’s sculptural work, and this is how we came up with the idea to cover this wonderful labyrinthine mass of concrete with the anonymous faces which observe everything suspiciously as if the artist had carved them out of stone with his own hands.

Xavier Corberó stated that he did not like to model, he liked to sculpt. He said that when standing in front of stone “one must be very humble… sculpture improves the more the sculptor disappears, unlike painting.”

We hope you enjoy this architectural and sculptural fusion we are sharing with you, which depicts the essence of Xavier Corberó. If you would like further information, we invite you to click on these really interesting links featuring NOWNESS (by Albert Moya) (a tour of the virtual house).


Coordonné Marketing Team

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